voltage transformers

Voltage Transformer

Voltage Transformer

The residual voltage which portrays the voltage of the nonpartisan direct relative toward earth, is equivalent to the vectorial amount of the three stage earth voltages. The lingering voltage is equivalent to multiple times the zero-arrangement voltage V0.

What is a Voltage Transformer Used For?

Voltage transformers are devices that are used to step down and decrease the voltage of a system to a level that is considered safe. It operates by allowing energy meters to monitor the operation of electrical connections, which may have a higher voltage than usual to function correctly.

Depending on the application, it can be used as a low voltage transformer or as a high voltage transformer. Specifically, voltage transformer can be used as:

  • A useful instrument to measure the consumed energy.
  • A device to secure and prevent disturbances and faults from happening in the electrical systems.
  • Voltage signals are used crucially for synchronizing, event logging, and recording events.
  • A computer of the impedance and power of a system in the process of voltage measurement along the direction.
  • A determiner of O/F, O/V, U/F, U/V, and some excessively fluxing security through the measurement processes.

Residual Voltage Transformers

Voltage Transformers

Twiclo Electrical Industries is one of the main and famous producers of Residual Voltage Transformers in India. Starting from the beginning they have acquired monstrous notoriety and progress in the business.

Remaining voltage transformers are utilized to distinguish uneven voltage and to supply voltage to directional shortcoming hand-off. These are made for the reach up to 145kv. Leftover Voltage Transformer is utilized for capacitor bank security by recognizing the nonpartisan to ground shortcoming conditions on star type associations.



Lingering Voltage Transformers are utilized in three stage capacitor banks to recognize the uprooting of the nonpartisan in situations where one capacitor in a three-stage bank fizzles. It likewise fills the need od releasing capacitor and should be appraised reasonably as the release energy of the capacitor will course through it.


Long functional life
Bother free tasks
Least support
The capability of Residual Voltage Transformer is same as voltage transformers. However the utility is not quite the same as each other. It is one of the many justifications for why individuals think about this transformer as a substitute of voltage transformers.

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