11KV phase Potential Transformer

 11kV Single Phase Potential Transformer

Single Phase Potential transformers (PT), also called Single phase Voltage transformers (VT)

1. Name and address of Manufacturer : Twiclo Electrical Industries, Raipur
2. Manufacturer’s type & Designation :  Oil Filled, Vacuum Impregnated: VOD
3. Nature of service :  Outdoor *
4. Type of Cooling :  ON *
5.  System characteristics :
     a. Rated system voltage :  11kV
     b. Highest system voltage :  12 kV
     c. Rated system frequency :  50 Hz
     d. Nature of neutral earthing :  Effective
6.  Rated voltage ratio :   (11000/√3) / (110/√3)*
7.  Winding Connections :  NA as single phase
8.  Rated Burden :  As per spec VA *
9.  Class of Accuracy :  As per spec *
10.  Polarity :  Not applicable
11.  Rated voltage factor and time :  1.2 continuous; 1.5 / 30 sec *
12.  Limits of ratio and phase error :  Within limits specified by IS
13.  Temperature rise of top oil at 1.2 times rated primary voltage with rated secondary :  Within limits specified by IS
14.  Secondary Core details :
     a. Type :  Outdoor, Glazed Porcelain to IS 5621. *
     b. Electrical characteristics :  To IS 5621 *
     c. Total creepage distance :  300 mm minimum. *
15.  One-minute power frequency withstand test on primary winding :  28 kV induced; 3 kV applied. *
16.  One-minute power frequency withstand test on secondary winding :  3 kV. *
17.  High voltage impulse withstand test on primary windings :  75 kV. *
18.  Oil :
     a. Specification :  To IS 335 *
     b. Quantity for First Filling :  Approx. 15 Litres.
19.  Equipment conforms to specification :  IS 3156
20.  Outline dimensional drawing with mounting details :  As per our drawing

Note: Only items marked * are guaranteed. All others are indicative and subject to change.

11kV Single Phase Potential Transformer

Single Phase Potential transformers (PT), also called Single phase Voltage transformers (VT), are a parallel-connected type of instrument transformer. They are designed to present a negligible load to the supply being measured and have an accurate voltage ratio and phase relationship like to enable accurate secondary connected metering.

capacitor voltage transformer (CVT), also known as capacitor-coupled voltage transformer (CCVT), is a transformer used in power systems to step down extra high voltage signals and provide a low voltage signal, for metering or operating a protective relay.

In its most basic form, the device consists of three parts: two capacitors across which the transmission line signal is split, an inductive element to tune the device to the line frequency, and a voltage transformer to isolate and further step down the voltage for metering devices or protective relay.

A Potential Transformer is used to step down primary voltage

A Potential transformer is really an instrument transformer that utilized in power frameworks to step down essential current voltages and optional voltages from a more elevated level to bring down optional potential result voltage level. This transformer can be effectively estimated by the conventional low voltage instrument like a voltmeter, wattmeter and watt-hour meters, and so forth. This sort of transformer is ordinarily alluded to as a “step-down” voltage transformer which brings down the voltage of a high voltage circuit to a lower voltage circuit for the expectation of estimating voltage drops. Potential transformers are associated across or lined up with the line which is being estimated to record stage point blunders or proportion mistakes.

It is usually found in electrical metering circumstances as an estimating instrument, and is intended to permits it to screen single stage moving voltages and three-stage terminal voltage. A potential transformer is likewise a sort of instrument transformer, known as a voltage transformer (VT). There is as yet an essential winding and a transformer high voltage essential and optional winding.

This exceptional kind of transformer permits a meter to take readings from electrical help associations with a higher voltage (potential) rating than the meter is regularly equipped for taking care of force factor, without mistakes of potential transformer.

The essential terminals can be associated either in line-to-line or in line-to-impartial design of voltages proportion. Intertwined transformer models are assigned by a postfix of “F” for one breaker or “FF” for two wires.

Basically, there are three different sorts. This incorporates an electromagnetic kind, a capacitor type, and an optical sort. Optical potential transformers PT are utilized in optical hardware applications to gauge obstruction and reactances. The capacitor kind of is commonly used for higher voltages, while the electromagnetic gadget is a wire-round sort of transformer. Regularly, voltage of the potential transformer consolidates both weight and exactness, since they are ordinarily reliant upon one another. Most potential transformers have more modest centers and windings, contrasted with normal power transformers.

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